Dog Days

Summer is definitely on it’s way. I’m sitting here in front of my computer, drinking a cold glass of fruit juice and fanning myself away. Too lazy to actually move as sweating is not really fabulous. Hahahaha!

I feel it’s time to bring out the flowy skirts and flowery scarves.

purple skirt

sunny day


Sorry for the semi crappy photos. My slr is still with Canon for it’s yearly check-up and cleaning. *sud*


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5 Responses to “Dog Days”

  1. Mar Says:

    Biatch can I have your collarbones please?!

  2. Michee Says:

    love teh skirt… yan naman ang di ko keri kasi nalulunod ako! haha

  3. Ricky Says:

    semi crappy photos my ass! Love the pics and love the blog!

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