So yesterday.

Yesterday was (surprisingly) a very busy day for me. I finally got my SLR, so hooorah for that! Pictures!!!

Went to a Fashion Photography Exhibit opening somewhere in Makati with some friends, hoping to finally be cultured. Lol. This is what i wore:

I decided to wear a blazer just incase we are required to look polished for the opening. Haha! And incase it’s just a very informal gathering, I can always take the blazer off.

I know what you’re thinking! Yes, my underwear is kinda visible. *gasp* I know I did hate this visible-bra-thing before, but I must say, I’m warming up to the idea.

I’ll post pictures from the exhibit later! Gotta run to a meeting.


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6 Responses to “So yesterday.”

  1. Mar Says:


  2. Sol Says:

    Oh you’re from tFS!
    I LOVE the texture of this skirt..i almost wanna touch it. HA!

    • elyoo Says:

      Yes, I am! 😛

      I do love this skirt! It feels like crepe paper. O_O I’m not really sure what’s the material though… kinda like crumpled satin. Haha!

  3. chekka cuomova Says:

    I love every look!!!! and seriously, I want your skirt!! 😀

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