Obsession du jour | eyeglasses

I’ve been wearing glasses eversince I was 7 years old because I’m near sighted and have a slight astigmatism.  I know some people would rather wear contacts than glasses, but for me, I don’t think I would ever switch to contacts. It’s just that with glasses, there is an infinity of ways to express yourself. You can choose the shape, colour, material, size, etc. I must admit, I’m guilty on changing my frames every now and then. It’s my touch of spunk to an otherwise boring outfit.

Yes, I’ve accumulated a couple of frames during my college years.

My favorite!

It’s a vintage Christian Dior. Sadly, it was broken in a basketball related accident. Ha! Nothing a super glue could repair, non? I bet nerdy-chic would make a comeback!

In case anyone is wondering what glasses I’m wearing nowadays, it’s this frame from Pepe jeans:

Tortoise shell is pure love!

If you can’t still see yourself wearing eyeglasses, maybe these lovelies would make you change your mind…


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19 Responses to “Obsession du jour | eyeglasses”

  1. ccsamaniego Says:

    nice!!! gusto ko tuloy ng bagong eye glasses 😀

  2. nan Says:

    me too. i wants a new pairz

  3. eehgow Says:

    i’ve always had this for girls wearing geeky glasses 😀

  4. Franny Says:

    OH WOW! I’ve been wearing my glasses since I was 7 too! @_@

    Oh and eyeheartglasses.com is also a nifty site. 😀

    • elyoo Says:

      Hahahaha! @_@ *geeks!* lol.

      OOOH! Just checked the site! Love at first site (pun) hahaha! O_O Thanks for the recommendation of that site. 😛

  5. Sarah Says:

    I love wearing glasses as well, although I don’t need them!

  6. KB Says:

    I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 6, but I’ve never looked nice in them. I would like a new pair though.

    • elyoo Says:

      Goooo! I love going on eyeglasses hunting/shopping! It does take me some time to look for ‘the one’ though. I usually change my frames every year. haha!

  7. Eyeglasses Says:

    Nice great collection

  8. adria Says:

    LOVE THEM! they look great on you. Do you have a model # for those pepe jeans glasses?

    • elyoo Says:

      Okay, I’m not sure if this helps, but this is the number printed on the glasses: Tyler PJ3017 (not sure if that is the model number though.)

  9. eyeglasses Says:

    cool specs, they really do look awesome. I’ve been wearing my specs since I was in my early 20’s but my brother started when he was 7.

  10. Optical Directory Says:

    What a refreshing take on wearing glasses. Especially how you incorporate them to express yourself. I have never thought of that. Nice piece.

  11. Jane Says:

    where can i get those amazing pepe jeans glasses? do they have black? how much?

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