Flower Child

The heat is getting worse these past few days and I really think it’s getting into my head! Summer is usually the time I daydream I’m a hippie. The heat just makes me think of gardens, music and carefree dancing!

I’ve always loved the idea of being a hippie.  A few years ago, I got obsessed with hippies that I tried to dress and act like one. Well, I failed… miserably. I really don’t think it would work for me. But hey! One can dream.

*le sigh*

Hippie Top Zara | Demin shorts with flower print Lung Center sunday market | Scarf worn as headband Metropolitan Museum of Art Eyeglasses Vintage | Buddha Earrings Farawt Designs


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14 Responses to “Flower Child”

  1. Y Says:

    Great photos! I especially love the ones in your earlier post, the one with the red tights

  2. carrie Says:

    I love your blog – specifically the pictures!!!

    Want to exchange links? I’ve already added you to mine:


    xx, carrie

  3. Michee Says:

    Mudra! I love the photo where you were sitting on the wooden floor tapos barefoot ka. ❤ ang ganda! 🙂

  4. ccsamaniego Says:

    i heart the last photo 🙂

  5. vanessa Says:

    lovely lovely! you’re just perfect to be a model, miss 😀 And i like how you dress up 🙂 So indie and unique 😀

    • elyoo Says:

      awww! Lol. I’m too shy to be a model! (SHY!) Hahahaha! Meh! I’m most comfortable when I just take self-portraits! Thanks!

  6. Jen Says:

    I love the lighting and style of your photos 🙂

    • elyoo Says:

      Thanks! I actually just wait for the sun to cooperate with me as I don’t have a proper flash for my camera. Haha!

  7. chekka cuomova Says:

    beautiful photos!!!!! love em all

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