Sunny Days

A few weeks ago, I said that I would stick to muted palettes when it comes to my outfits. I lied. Apparently, the warm weather makes me want to wear all my colorful clothes!

And to make up for all the times I did not wear color on my outfits…..

Was drinking tons of iced tea to fight the heat! *lalalala*

Thin white headband some bazaar, i forget | Oversized shades i2i | Nautical silk scarf Vintage | Yellow ribbed cotton tank Thrifted | Cotton cardigan thrifted | Brown braided belt People are People | Faux Pearls bazaar | Rose ring Pop culture


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14 Responses to “Sunny Days”

  1. Myka Says:

    This is how Blair Waldorf would look like if she decides to get edgy :p Love the outfit, Elyoo, even if I’m not used to seeing you wearing bright colors :p

    (I paid you a compliment. So samahan mo na ako sa ukay-ukay :p)

  2. Jen Says:

    Ahh so cheerful! I love it 😀

  3. ccsamaniego Says:

    Go yellow!!! Weee!!!

  4. Mar Says:

    Summer. I miss summer.

  5. Czek Says:

    nakakasilaw. hahaha. shet. shocking ito! :p

  6. cleo Says:

    i love this outfit….so summery:)
    and i found your blog newly and love it!!!!

  7. The Lucky One « who is elyoo? Says:

    […] Something light after my very shocking colour day! […]

  8. Van Says:

    aayyyy! nakakatuwa ang mga outfits mo! 😀

  9. lizie Says:

    i’m browsing through your site just today. 😀 i love the styles. i especially love the yellow outfit here. 😀

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