Nothing like a good book to take the stress away. I finally finished all my work stuff and took some time off to read a book. I’m so behind on my readings that I have a huge pile of unread books staring at me and making me feel guilty!

Striped cotton headscarf Girl Shoppe | Flower printed dress thrifted | Crumpled satin skirt thrifted | Multi-colored leather belt Babo | Pink leather rose pin Girl Shoppe | Bag thrifted | Glasses vintage | Grey booties Charles & Keith


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9 Responses to “Geek!”

  1. nan Says:

    hey geeky, we haz a client! debut gurl. let’s talk with ada! also, why’d you go thrifting and didn’t tell me?!

    • elyoo Says:

      Debut girl? Hahaha! I haz gone trifting with a friend a whiles ago. 😛 No more money. Lol.

  2. eighty Says:

    wow, your photography is gorgeous. is that natural light only? love your style too!

    – your b.roll buddy

    • elyoo Says:

      Thanks! 😛 I just use natural light (no money for flash yet!) hahaha! I just wait for the sun to cooperate with me. lol.

  3. eden Says:

    hey elyoo,

    following dominique’s site led me to yours… snaps to you for your fabulous taste in fashion. let’s link up and stuff… i think us philippine bloggers should unite in promoting our own.:)



  4. eden Says:

    hey elyoo,

    following dominique’s site led me to yours… love your fashionizing eye! good to know that there’s more of us (local bloggers) out there… lets link up, hope you could follow my site as well?



  5. Van Says:

    i admire you for your great taste (kape, much?) in fashion… sarap mo pichuran! 😀

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