Her Own Garden

In her dreams, she wanted her own garden. There is just no space! Her mother would always say. She didn’t give up because she thought she could just make it small.

She planted some flowers on a little corner in her room. Everyday she would take care of it, constantly singing to the flowers while watering them. Grow soon my little beauties. I would like to wake up one morning with the vision of your beautiful blooms.

One day she did, and in that very moment, she was the happiest girl in the world.

Vintage dress thrifted | Woven fedora Rebel Yell | Rose leather pins Girl Shoppe | Faux pearls bazaar | Bag vintage


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18 Responses to “Her Own Garden”

  1. Monika Says:

    ohhh, those rose leather pins are beauty.

  2. chrisss Says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this entry! Editorial worthy…The picture of the flowers and the bag is gorgeous!

  3. Myka Says:

    I love the dress, Elyoo πŸ™‚ And the rose leather pins are lovely! Did you take your own photos? :p

    • elyoo Says:

      I love the dress too. The sleeves are uber lovely.

      I always take my own photos. Lol. Hahaha. Effort!

  4. Jen Says:

    Omg I LOVE the dress! What a great find, and you look lovely as always πŸ™‚

  5. ediot Says:

    wonderful wonderful

  6. sundryfashionfusion Says:

    awww… els….. hmm.. nice one.

  7. Jen Says:

    Ohh! I LOVE the new layout πŸ˜€

  8. reddoorread Says:

    hey, did a post where i linked to your blog today πŸ™‚ cheers

  9. Arielle Says:

    That’s a wonderful dress!

  10. caity-cait Says:

    If only everyone’s gardens stayed that beautiful forever. Lovely photos, just lovely.

  11. Jeca Says:

    This entry is so nice. πŸ˜€

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