DIY | 10-minute gown

When I was a kid I remember playing with my bedsheets, pretending it was a gown and I’m on my way to a party. A few years after, I realised, I do need gowns to go to some parties. The problem is, I don’t really want to spend so much on something that I would probably wear only once in my life. (Imagine wearing the same gown over and over again *gasp*) So I decided to make a DIY gown that wouldn’t cost me much money and time to make. And when the party is done, I could use it for something else. Believe me or not, I really did this gown for only ten minutes… or a little under that.

What you need:

The skirt and bolero is totally optional, but I suggest you to really have something under this DIY gown to prevent any unwanted exposure.

Yes, you only need one (1) safety pin. This is used on the silk around the chest area just to fit it into place. Then I put on the belt and do random rouching on the top part of the gown. Sorry, I’m not really good with explaining how things are done, so maybe these pictures will help.

Too lazy to iron the cloth! Haha!

For those who are wondering if this gown can hold up for several hours, I believe it can! I was wearing this gown for a couple of minutes inside my room while running and posing and chasing my dog because it keeps on chasing the bottom part of the gown.

Lace skirt thrifted | Lace bolero vintage | Silk scarf vintage | Neckpeice made by me | Leather rose pin Girl Shoppe


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13 Responses to “DIY | 10-minute gown”

  1. madeline Says:

    wow it looks great on you. love the adding of accessories to a formal gown

  2. chekka cuomova Says:

    BEAUTIFUL DRESS! and oh I really love the necklace! ❤

  3. paoruiz Says:

    DIY gown? Haha, pretty awesome. =)

  4. sundryfashionfusion Says:

    I LOVE IT!! *going to Ylaya now* Hahahaha! I wish I can leave work ng ganun lang!

  5. reddoorread Says:

    the colour is beautiful. the neat freak in me wants to iron it!

    • elyoo Says:

      Hahahaha! I wanted to iron it after looking at the pictures… but taking pictures of myself is so tiring. O_O Plus, it’s summer here. *so hot*

  6. eden Says:

    totally loving that DIY 10-minute dress! hahaha i wish i still had it in me to improvise that fast.:)

  7. Camille Says:

    Hey, great job on the DIY 10-minute gown. 🙂 Very nice!

  8. Jay S. Says:

    Yo Elyoo, sumali ka na kaya sa Project Runway!

    • elyoo Says:

      Meh!! Hindi ako magaling mag sew eh. >_< baka kung anong kahihiyan lang mangyari sakin dun. Hahahahaha! Ok na ako mag show off ng stuff ko dito sa blog. Lol.

  9. Mikelle Street Says:

    Aye Corrumba that’s amazing!!!

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