Happy Easter Everyone!!!

The bunny ears were an impulse buy yesterday! Haha! Thought it would be fun to parade this around during Easter…

my *ninuninuninuninu* face

…and it was! Hahahaha! Or maybe it’s just me and people think I’m a total nutcase.

White shirt Club Monaco | Tan shorts Wrangler | Silk ribbon neck piece made by me | Bunny ears SM department store | Black opaque stockings Darlington


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10 Responses to “Happy Easter Everyone!!!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    These ears are incredibly cute!!
    Happy easter!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Hi Elyoo,
    Thanks for the link! I’ll link you too…
    I will be setting up a shop in Etsy soon. I will be featuring several things…art work, reworked vintage, jewelry and vintage that is too good to change. I will put it up on my blog when I get all the photos, etc. done, so I’ll let you know about it.
    Great Ears!
    Happy Spring,

  3. sundryfashionfusion Says:

    hahahahah!!! yun lang. enough said. mwah!

  4. paoruiz Says:

    hahaha kasya ka kaya sa egg?

  5. reddoorread Says:

    ha, cute ears!

  6. tiny Says:

    huhu, you’re so cute!

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