All Those Skirts

Upon shoveling tons of clothes out of my closet, I have found out that I do have tons of skirts. I haven’t worn some of them in a while and so I thought it would be a nice idea to wear them all at once! (Yes, I have a weird definition of ‘nice idea’) So my ‘nice idea’ is to make yet another DIY gown using some of my favorite skirts.

Please forgive me for the slouchy-trying-too-hard-couture-poses. My back has been killing me for the past two days and that is the only comfortable pose that I can do.

It was a scorching hot day and I was wearing a total of 5 skirts. The 3 skirts are worn underneath to give that semi-petticoat effect. The lace skirt is still pure looove! If I die, please let me be buried with it.

Lace skirt Vintage | Purple circle skirt thrifted | Pink pinstripe skirt thrifted | White and purple stripey skirt thrifted | Blue plaid skirt thrifted | Lace Shoes Luxe | White Satin ribbon strip made by me


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20 Responses to “All Those Skirts”

  1. Jen Says:

    Very beautiful!!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Great job! The photos too.

  3. paoruiz Says:

    Good job on the gown. =) Your slouchy-trying-too-hard-couture-pose is just perfect. =)

  4. Abbie Says:

    i love this els! i hate lace.. feeling ko their too lola but this piece is juuuust purrfect! 🙂

  5. sundryfashionfusion Says:

    OMG! suicide! it’s soooo hot and you wore all of those!

    how’s the rayuma, Lola? hahah!

  6. reddoorread Says:

    i love those shoes.

    • elyoo Says:

      Yes! I do adore those shoes! I bought them 2 years ago and found them hidden in a box somewhere in my room. wee!

  7. rosieroyalty Says:

    the shoes are fabulous and the white lace top is to die for.
    I’m off to find my own awesome lace dress ….

  8. Van Says:

    ay ay ay! U are plain awesome, Elyoo 🙂 Galing ng mga ideas mo…

    • elyoo Says:

      waaa! Thanks Van! Hahahaha! I think the heat is helping me have these wonderful random ideas. >_<

  9. Domz Says:

    Ang hot mo! Shit, ang payat mo na!!! XD

  10. Kat Says:

    very beautiful outfits and photos!

  11. a Says:

    fantastic find with the skirt, and outfit. i love the lighting as well. great post 🙂

  12. ajhaie Says:

    nice shoots !
    its so fantastic iloveit 🙂
    your so glam to that shoots !

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