Lazy Sunday Morning

Woke up early for my weekend morning walks with my self-proclaimed bestfriend (Hullo Abbie!) and had a few hours of rest before checking my to-do list. This is me in my lazy sunday morning mode:

I’m currently reading ‘Little Earthquakes’ by Jennifer Weiner. I adore her writing style.

Crocheting like an old lady. As my friend said, I only need cats to complete the look.

This is what I’m working on! I’m planning to do lots and lots and lots of these! Aren’t they purdy??

And with that, I finished my quick visit to lazy mode and went ahead to my sorta eventful day. If you want a quick summary of my day, here it is: Bumped into Paolo (He’s a great photographer so visit his site!) on my way to Makati for my gown fitting for a friend’s wedding. Went to Cubao for a quick lunch and watched ’17 again,’ which was surprisingly good. Went back to Manila area and shopped for some sewing stuff. Met with a friend to go to a wake. Saw one of my college friends at the wake. Chat chat. Ate dinner at the kabab place near my house. Went home. Read comments, was featured in Esme’s blog and is currently writing this entry.


Flower printed skirt worn as a dress thrifted | Loose oversized V-neck shirt Old Navy | Braided leather belt People are People | Woven Fedora Rebel Gear


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15 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Morning”

  1. PML Says:

    I wish i could mix and match clothes like you do! 😀

  2. Chekka Cuomova Says:

    “Crocheting like an old lady. As my friend said, I only need cats to complete the look.”

    LOL LOL! it reminds me of an old lady in Tweety and Sylvester movies. 😉 how do you learn to do the crochet thing?
    btw, I always love your outfits and of course your photographs. ahhh I wish I could make such great photographs like yours. 🙂

    • elyoo Says:

      Hahaha. I think I need a cat and a canary bird to complete the look! HAHAHA! I learned crocheting from my grandma and we had to also do it for a project back in gradeschool. x_x

      Thanks! I think it helps that I have lots of free time so I can work on the photos. Hahaha!

  3. Abbie Says:

    yahoo! special mention! haha

  4. lizie Says:

    In grade school, I’d always wanted to learn crocheting but when that school project came I ended up letting my mom finish it for me because I couldn’t come up with a decent output. :p

    • elyoo Says:

      Hahaha! Crocheting is good. It’s the new yoga! I think I’m getting muscles on my right arm. HAHAHAHA!

  5. paoruiz Says:

    I finally met you. Sa Kamuning pa. Hahaha. =)

    • elyoo Says:

      I know! I was telling my friends that it was so random meeting you there. Hahaha!

      • paoruiz Says:

        Totally. Hahaha. We were having a photoshoot at my friend’s condo, and I just went down to get something to drink at 711. Then tada, Elyoo in front of my face. Crazy crazy. =p

  6. denishabeybeh L Says:

    lovely lovely lovely blog! and photos has so much dreaminess.
    why haven’t i bumped into you before? such a waste. hihi…anyway this is so cool.

    come check me out sometime.
    see yah there.,

    care for exchange links?

  7. denishabeybeh L Says:

    btw you have been linked.

  8. andrea Says:

    i admire your innovative sense of style and design. it’s pretty tough to hold your own when everyone else is only pretending to be original. even that chair is awesome. haha. stay cool

    • elyoo Says:

      Thank you! I’m always influenced by so many things/people so I don’t think I’m original too, but I do stick to what I know I love. Hahaha!

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