The Skirt Effect

A few years ago, you wouldn’t catch me wearing skirts. I’m always the pants or the shorts girl. I thought that skirts are so impractical, especially when one is commuting every day. However, recently I have found my love for skirts… maybe it’s the repressed girl in me trying to catch up for the lost days of wearing it. Now, when I wear it, I just feel super free, happy and girly!!!

I’m so in-love with this particular skirt, not because I just finished making it, but because it’s unbelivably poofy! Well, it should be! It’s around 3 yards long of fabric!! I was actually thinking if it needs tulle under it… but after seeing the pictures, I think it’s fine as it is. My 10 yards to tulle will just have to wait until I have time to make a big petticoat for moi.

So congratulate me for finally finishing my poofy skirt. I will not keep this though ’cause I will send this to a consignment store within the next few weeks. I’m just waiting for my tags to be printed and all that jazz. I also want to finish some more clothes before finally selling my stuff.

I just bought all these fabulous fabrics waiting to be turned into fabulous clothes… and I think this is my cue to go back to the drawing board. Wish me luck!

Grey top thrifted | White headband Landmark | Poofy taffeta skirt made by me for Lola |  Black patent wedges Charles & Keith


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15 Responses to “The Skirt Effect”

  1. PML Says:

    Where are you selling your stuff? 🙂 Do you even commute darling? :O

    • elyoo Says:

      I might sell my stuff on a store in Cubao X. No final details yet. And yes, I do commute! HAHA! I take the jeep when I’m not too lazy. 😛

  2. Andrea Says:

    Great skirt!
    Glad to see you are moving in the directions of your dreams.
    The fabrics are great.

    • elyoo Says:

      Thank you! Still not sure on what to do with some of the fabrics… if all else fails, I’ll just look at them. HAHA!

  3. Jen Says:

    Wow I love the skirt!!

  4. paoruiz Says:

    good job. =p

  5. Rahel Says:

    So playful! Skirts like that always make me feel like a little girl, which is a good thing

  6. Domz Says:

    Ack! fabric love! ❤ Let’s go to Ilaya together one of these days! 8D

  7. Elaine Says:

    that is such a cute skirt! And those fabrics are lovely!

  8. Marissa Says:

    Nooo, sell it to me instead. I need a skirt like that. Red is my favorite color, but I also would like something like that in dark plue and a royal purple. Siiiigh.

    Fabulous job!

    • elyoo Says:

      Haha. Royal blue would be nice!

      I’m still deciding if I should sell this online or just put it on a consignment stuff. I don’t really like making a lot of decisions. HAHA!

  9. sundryfashionfusion Says:

    wow!!!!!! hey, let’s go to the store when you release an entire collection yeah? promise? 😛 ooohhh!! and put your label on the dress that you’re making for me ha! i wan’t and original, vintage, “Elyoo-made” dress in the future! 😀

    • elyoo Says:

      Sure sure! 😛

      I’ll tell you when I finish all my stuff. If you want, we can deliver my clothes together and have a drink or two to celebrate… or just camwhore around the place. HAHAHAHA!

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