Wishing for Chloe

Sometimes I try not to check on the latest stuff from my favorite designers because I will only get depressed. More often than not, the clothes cost more than what I can shell out. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion but I would rather spend my money on travelling and enducation than clothes.

One of my most favorite brand is Chloe, especially during the Phoebe Philo days. I looove everything that she sends on the runway. Very drool worthy. But alas! I don’t have the money and it’s like gazillion seasons ago. So I really get ecstatic when I see Chloe-esque stuff from stores here. It’s like a part of me is ressurected!

But *sigh* I’m still wishing for my very own Chloe.

Yellow dress thrifted | Black patent wedges Charles & Keith | Ribbon headband Landmark


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17 Responses to “Wishing for Chloe”

  1. Myka Says:

    I fell in love with babydoll dresses because of Phoebe Philo. 😀 And I still want the Paddington bag!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    The wedges are cute especially when paired with the yellow dress. 🙂

  3. Sushi Says:

    I know how you feel and if I was rich I would buy so much chloe! Ahh sigh. Btw I gave your blog an award 🙂 x Sushi

  4. paoruiz Says:

    yellow happens to be my fave color. =p

  5. sundryfashionfusion Says:

    One day els! Remember, the fabulously rich plans? hahaha

  6. clairegrenade Says:

    holy hell your glasses are TOO cool!!!

  7. Jen Says:

    Such a pretty dress!! 😀

  8. tessa Says:

    love ur shoes…where to buy?

  9. Meggy Kawsek Says:

    ELYOO!! I have those shoes too! 😀

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