Trying Hard Mod

I’ve had this skirt in my closet for quite some time and I have never worn it. Today, I thought it would be nice for it to see some sunshine.

It’s just me trying hard to pull off a “mod” look!

Skirt worn as dress thrifted | Braided leather belt People are People | Opaque stockings Darlington | Newspaper boy cap Landmark | Black leather flats Parisian


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8 Responses to “Trying Hard Mod”

  1. abbie Says:

    i looooveeeeee it!!! was i with you when you bought that skirt?

  2. Clare Says:

    The cap is so cute, and I love the contrast of covered legs and bare shoulders. Great pictures, as usual!

    • elyoo Says:

      Thanks! 😛 This look is kinda growing on me. Plus, the covered legs and bare shoulders make me look thin IMHO! Haha!

  3. Eva Internazionale Says:

    I think it’s more “your own” look than “mod”, which is great.

  4. Andrea Says:

    So Cute!

  5. ED Says:

    Love the outfit, nice dress/skirt!

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