Goodnight Mr. Monkey

Come walk with me Mr. Monkey. The forest looks great this time of the year.

Maybe we can find a little spot to lie around all day, or a perfect place for you to stay.

This is your home Mr. Monkey, but I can’t stay here. Don’t worry as I will visit you maybe later this year.

I won’t say goodbye, but I’ll leave you with a promise beneath the majestic moon.

Goodnight Mr. Monkey, I’ll see you soon!

Lace skirt worn as dress Vintage | Knitted bolero thrifted | Bag thrifted | Head scarf thrifted | Brown braided belt People are People


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16 Responses to “Goodnight Mr. Monkey”

  1. Helga Says:

    Saan ka pupunta

  2. Sushi Says:

    Really, really love this! That skirt is an amazing find x Sushi

    • elyoo Says:

      I know!!! I really adore this skirt! I think my heart dropped when I first saw it. HAHA!

  3. dearilou Says:

    Oh so beautiful and romantic. I love the layered lace!

  4. Carmela (Hammiesmommy) Says:

    Hi hon! I love love love the effects on your photos! How do you do it?

    🙂 Love this vintage skirt/dress on you!

    Oh btw, if it’s not too much trouble…sorry :{ I noticed that you still have my old fashion blog linked…would it be possible to change it to my I would super appreciate it! Thank you!

    • elyoo Says:

      I just play around with the photos in Photoshop and I add beautiful textures

      Oh, I changed the address to your new blog addy!

  5. Allen Says:

    wow. you’re photos are really beautiful! great job!

  6. Cheryl Says:

    What a pretty,pretty lace skirt. Love it on you. I assume, Mr. Monkey is your fave stuff toy? 😉

  7. Kelvin Servigon Says:

    love the photos.. very nice! 😀

  8. Coco Says:

    Your photos and styling are just gorgeous.

  9. Doro Says:

    Mr. Monkey and you are such a lovely couple.

  10. kelsea Says:

    i love this post!!
    and of course cute blog ;3

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