Being androgynous

I’m always amused when people get confused about my gender. It really happens to me, more often that I would like to admit… and god knows how many times I’ve been called a ‘sir’ in my life. But hey, I do make a good looking boy, yes?

Grey tank top Old Navy | Black waistcoat Mango | Dark grey blazer Zara | Black Shorts Mango | Grey knee-high socks Mango | Black Oxford heels Schu


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8 Responses to “Being androgynous”

  1. CrowNology Says:

    I suppose under certain circumstances we could all pass for men. I was serving drinks at a bar once and asked the “ladies” if they wanted anything…Out of 3 one was female, they all had lovely long hair…So I’d say the hair if the thing most people go with…I think you make a very good looking girl! 🙂 Luckily they aren’t calling you “sir” because of a goatee!

    • elyoo Says:

      I guess you have a point that the hair the first thing that people go with. I do love having short hair because it requires less (or no) maintenance at all. Oh yes! Lucky I don’t have a goatee! HAHAHA!


  2. pennerad Says:

    you definitely make a GREAT looking boy.

  3. Says:

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  4. GIXX Says:

    very very pretty! smart combo you got there! and you’re blog is so great :))

  5. Robin Says:

    Sweet outfit!

  6. Adi Says:

    You should try putting on make up, honey :]

  7. Euri Says:

    I like androgynous outfits. ♥
    Oh and I LOVE your pendant. ♥

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