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A Little Vintage Shop.

November 7, 2009

These are photos from a friend’s vintage shop in Cubao X. Sadly, he closed it down a few months go and I really miss it. I was supposed to do a photoshoot in his shop but I wasn’t able to think of a good theme/idea before he finally closed it down. Oh well.

He says, no one really knows what the future brings us. .. maybe one day he will re-open the store. I sure do hope that he will.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been busy with my new work and I’m starting my fashion design/sewing classes in a few weeks. Wish me luck!

All photos by me | Canon 40D, 50mm 1.8




Elyoo at Pioneer Studios | GEOF+MIKE 2009

April 2, 2009

And just when I’m about to lose hope on the Philippine fashion scene, here comes Geof Gonzales and Mike Lavarez – proofs that there is still hope!

I was invited by Nan to go with him to this fashion show. Was not supposed to go because I had to do some errands and shopping to do for materials on my new sewing project. Well, I finished all the stuff that I had to do before 9, so I might as well go right?

And whoa!!! Was I glad that i did! The pieces were beyond beautiful and the presentation is jaw dropping. A big congratulations to the designers and I Love You store for this fabulous event! Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me because I wasn’t really sure if I will be dropping by or not. (Plus, my camera is sooo heavy. gah!) But hoorah for press kits because I can show you some pictures to lust on.

Geof Gonzales An opus of understated deconstruction anf fluidity, a 15-piece collection reviving the essence of the article “blouse.”

Mike Lavarez The idea of the collection revolves around the symbolic representation of obscure light in darkness which explains moments of ambiguity (doubt, androgyny, vagueness etc.)

Photos by Charles Buenconsejo

I Love You store is located at 31 Cubao eXpo Cubao QC +917.499.5223

Elyoo at Cubao X | Yocard: Visuals with Vision

March 21, 2009

by wewilldoodle

Visuals with Vision | Draw. Shoot. Illustrate. Advocate.

Send your photos, illustrations or graphic designs which advocate literacy for children, saving the seas and pet adoption for stray animals.

Deadline of Entries is July 31,2009

For more details about this contest, please visit:

Elyoo at Zeitgeist Becomes Form

February 28, 2009

As posted earlier, me and some friends went to an exhibit opening this Thursday at the Yuchengco Museum [RCBC Plaza, Makati]. The photos were all perfectly jaw-dropping! If any of you guys are able to visit, please do! Exhibit is displayed from Feb26 to April 29 2009.

The pictorial language of the respective photographers, the model, her or his pose as well as the clothing, the background, and the technical quality of the photography take the viewer far beyong the respective ‘ins’, fads and trends of fashion, giving information of extraordinary interest about the so-called Zeitgeist (“spirit of the times”), about the changes in society, codes of morality, and the feelings and longings of people at a certain point in time.

( | manila ,


Nan works for Status Magazine as a writer.  Stripes are pure love!


Ada works as a writer and freelance stylist.

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