What camera do you use? I use my lovely Canon 40D with 18-55mm kit lens and 50mm 1.8 lens.

Who takes your photos? Me, of course! This is how I do it: I change the settings to the 10-second self-timer, put the camera on a table (yes, I still do not have a tripod) put it on live view, adjust the settings (I use manual) and then focus on the spot that I want to be in. Press the button, run to my spot, breathe and pose! Ta-da!

What brand are your glasses? It’s Pepe Jeans. I’m not really sure what year they released it, but I bought it December of 2008 as a xmas gift to myself!

How would you describe your style? In four words: Kooky, vintage, androgynous and comfortable.

Are you a stylist? No, but I want to try it atleast once.


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